Maintenance and Cleaning

Zarevo cleaning and maintenance company under the management of Zarevo contracting Co WLL offering extensive general cleaning services throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our company can field a sufficient amount of highly experienced staff to clean a wide range of structures – ranging from buildings and premises including commercial offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, office parks, retail shops, malls, hotels, residences and apartments. Specialized cleaning services are also available to health care providers such as rest-homes and education providers including Schools and Governmentinstitutions.

Zarevo provides full specialist services such as Carpet, Sofa, Curtain Shampooing, Steam Cleaning, Office Equipment Maintenance, Gardening &Landscaping, Marble Restoration, High rise Glass Cleaning, Pest Control and Sanitizing, and all kinds of General cleaning and Maintenance services. We have a great team of collaborated cleaners to assist you in providing all the cleaning equipment and materials you need. Our background knowledge is enriched to offer you top quality cleaning services to meet your high standards and we are sure we can meet and deliver any of your specific demands.

Domestic Cleaning Services

Our professional and fully insured domestic cleaning services are carried out by our reliable and experienced cleaners, who allow you to maximize your relaxation time free from domestic household chores.We do cleaning of villa, house, flat and apartment. Our work ranges from daily cleaning to post construction cleaning.When hiring one of our cleaners to spruce up your property, you can be guaranteed:Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning to your preferences. A team of dedicated cleaners operating between Saturdays to Fridays.Thorough sweeping, mopping, dishwashing and general work surface cleaning services.A uniformed service checked at regular intervals for intricate quality control.

Glass Cleaning

Whether it is the windows of your building or large glass structures within the premises, your guests will form an opinion of your business by the cleanliness of them.Our commercial window cleaning services in Bahrain are professional and affordable. When comparing our professional window cleaning services to those of other window cleaners, our commercial window cleaning services are often considered to be superior by our clients.We can conduct any kind of window cleaning, from basic cleaning to high level external cleaning, using harness and cradles.

Front of House Cleaning

When patrons visit a hotel / restaurant, they immediately form an impression of the establishment. If the front of house cleaning is not done to a very high standard, the customers will not have a very good impression of the hotel / restaurant. What may even be worse? That if the front of house cleaning is substandard, they might assume the kitchen is as well and not want to return for a meal. Our teams are selected for being discreet and well-presented, as we are aware that there may be guests using the premises when they are working.We look for people who have an eye for detail and who understand that the cleanliness of your dining areas, lobbies, reception halls and toilets are key part of how customers will form an opinion about the caliber of your business. zarevo team cleans your property with the care and attention that they give to their own home.

Floors & Upholstery

Carpet, Upholstery, Stone and Wooden Floors are complicated and often delicate in nature, these expensive items means that you cannot let anyone clean them. The financial cost and the embarrassment in front of your customers / visitors can be high, if it gets wrong.


The most important qualities for room attendants are experience with good English, smart presentation and good attitude. We ensure all our room attendants have these qualities.

Over and above this, through our relationship with the client, we get to know what kind of personalities each individual client likes. Our skill at matching room attendants with the correct hotel is the benchmark in the industry.


All of our teams are headed by the supervisor(s) who is expert in his field. Our team ensure lunchtime or evening service runs smoothly by keeping the client supplied with clean pots, pans, plates and utensils.In the quiet times of the day our teams are also trained to conduct ancillary tasks like taking out the rubbish, scrubbing the floors, basic cleaning of kitchen and rubbish areas, cleaning kitchen bins and mop buckets, stocking blue roll dispensers, filling sanitizer dispensers, etc.Kitchen night cleaning is the toughest cleaning, therefore, our teams are both physically strong and expert in their field. There is real technical knowledge needed to strip, clean and rebuild an oven, to work around electricity and gas appliances.Having an immaculate kitchen every morning is great for morale, preventing pest and food contamination and prolonging the life of kitchen equipment.

Kitchen Exhaust cleaning

Inside the ducts , hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems in commercial kitchens.Let Infinite Air save your time and money by allowing us to do a professional and thorough degreasing from inside of your entire hood, including filters, fans and ducts. Our professionals will wash your complete system down with biodegradable chemicals and high pressure hot water.Once the initial cleaning is complete, we will set up a regular service schedule dictated by your individual volume of business. Without a worry we will clean your hood and duct system to tiptop condition and ready for work!Infinite Air also does complete dust removal from ceiling rafters and exposed hardware in restaurants.

Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

We are specialists of indoor air quality maintenance and our company specializes in the cleaning of all extractor fans, air ducts, vents and grills, for industrial premises, catering establishments, medical institutions and local authority premises.Our technicians are well-trained in the complete step-by-step process, gaining a full understanding of not only how we clean to a higher standard, but also why?

Swimming pool cleaning services

Over time, tanning lotions and body oils can build up on tile and stone, creating a scum line in the swimming pool and spa. Calcium can also build up. Starting as a mild haze or water line, it can eventually become a thick scale covering the entire tile surface. The more calcium that builds up, the more unattractive it becomes. At this point, most feel that the only option is a costly, time consuming remodel to the swimming pool or spa. Installing new pool tiles or stones is not your only option. Instead consider having everything swimming pool supplies clean your swimming pool and spa tiles or stones. For a fraction of the cost of a remodel, our team of trained professionals can restore your pool or spa to its original beauty.

Drain and Pipe Hydro – cleaning Services

Using only the most up-to-date mechanical and high pressure jet cleaning systems. We clear drains throughout our operational area. We can clean, descale and flush small and large diameter pipe work, tunnels and tanks.There is no job too big or too small for us. We can even empty entire pump station, when required and clear the buildup of oil, silt, debris and other contaminants caught within interceptors. Redundant oil tanks can be drained, broken up and removed.All or any waste is processed appropriately and disposed of at licensed waste disposal sites, as per current legislation.

Contracted Carpenter services

Our professional carpenters are experienced in all aspects of carpentry and joinery in both the commercial and domestic sectors.Our team of carpenters have carried out works ranging from easing a door to hand cutting a roof, from replacing a lock to fitting out a shop.

Contracted Electrician services

We have built up an enviable reputation for our quality of workmanship and customer service.Our Electricians pride themselves on the quality of their work and our company's aims are to maintain high standards of workmanship and customer care at all times. All of our Electricians are professionally trained and qualified with extensive experience and expertise in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.


Our work is carefully planned and designed to ensure harmony with all elements of your landscape. From design to completion we treat our customers' homes or commercial properties as if they were our own and will give you customized looks for every project. Our crew is polite, courteous and respectful to all your masonry needs. Since we are detail and quality oriented, we provide outstanding services to each and every project in addition to a reasonable price. Our goal is to be well recognized as a reliable, customer oriented, quality business serving both the residential and commercial community.We provide quality craftsmanship with materials such as: Brick, Paver, Stucco, Concrete, Stone, Block, Tile& Brick Pointing.If you need masonry work done to your home or business choose zarevo. Let us show you why consumers prefer our services above the rest. Have us turn your home into a work of art.

Contracted Plumber services

The professional plumbers are screened to ensure quality service so you won't have to worry if your work is being done right. Our plumbing contractors strive to complete each job in a timely fashion for a competitive price. We also know that plumbing emergencies are a big inconvenience for you.A commitment to getting the job done right the first time is what our plumbers stand for. As such, we invite you to look about our site and familiarize yourself with our online resources.

Contracted Wall and Spray Painter services

The purpose of painting your home, office or workplace is to improve its appearance, but if the work is unprofessional or the products are inferior your job won't be successful. Anyone can claim to be a painter, but painting takes a certain amount of detailed skill, so when you decide to hire someone for the job you need to become an informed consumer. Whether you're looking for someone to paint a single room or the entire exterior of your home you want to make certain, that you're hiring a qualified painter for the job.Our expert wall and spray painters are professional and dependable, providing quality interior and exterior home painting services in Bahrain . We paint both residential and commercial properties.If you need superior house painting or commercial painting completed on schedule and on budget, look no further than the experienced professionals at zarevo .

Swimming Pool Operator Services

Our pool operators are expert to assists in maintenance and routine pump room duties. Monitor and maintain pool filtration system. Perform pump room duties, including backwash, handling and installing of chemicals as and when necessary. Monitors pool water chemistry by testing the water samples taken from the pool and adjusts chemistry as and when needed to maintain standards.

Marble Restoration & Polishing Services

Zarevo specialized marble and stone restoration system will return your stone floors to a brilliant long lasting shine. At zarevo we view stone restoration and polishing as an art and your surfaces as our canvas. Our process will bring out the depth of colour and veining in your beautiful stone. Our technicians are true craftsmen and every job is viewed as unique as the stone we are working with.

If you're looking for quality stone restorations, then look no further than zarevo. We offer free estimates and free demonstrations, so you can see the amazing results we can achieve on your stone. All our work is GUARANTEED, not many competitors can or will offer that. We pride ourselves on delivering the best services from start to finish. We are here when you need us, to answer any question or fix any problems. Our customers love to refer us because they know we won't let them down.

Pest Control services

Our Commercial and Residential sites are safe heaven until they're taken over by pests. zarevo take care of the problem and use different techniques to help you get rid of pests such as ticks, termites, mosquitoes, flies, ants and crickets. We've made it easy for you to locate and use our pest control services to fight against pests.

Garden Landscaping and Beautification services

Garden Landscaping and Beautification Serviceszarevo can provide you with a complete landscaping solution. We are dedicated to fulfill your needs whether it be designing, installing, maintaining or supplying plant products. With our experience, proper tools and equipment’s and design expertise, we give our clients the comfortable confidence that the job will be accomplished to their satisfaction andwithinbudget.Our work ranges from small grass cuts to complete garden makeovers.

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