Quality Control

Client satisfaction is Zarevo Contracting prime objective and Zarevo has built its reputation on its unswerving commitment to “QUALITY” also envisioned in the Zarevo „Quality Assurance System‟. Zarevo considers, satisfying client requirements and achieving the prime objectives as an essential quality issue. It operates on a total quality management system, led by the Managing Director and fully supported by the senior management.

Zarevo recognizes the requirement of Quality Assurance within all business areas in which it operates and has therefore committed itself to the establishment of an effective Quality Management System which can be implemented as required on any project. The aim of the system is to ensure that client‟s objectives are met with minimum wastage, rework or concessions.

To ensure the achievements of these objectives Zarevo has created an independent Quality Assurance team, which is responsible for the introduction, documentation, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Assurance System

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